Virtual Tour

As a visitor to the Denver Mountain Parks system in 1918, you might have taken home a souvenir booklet to remind you of your trip. Today, you can enjoy this historic touring experience without leaving your chair! Follow our tour as we recreate an early booklet page by page. You may choose to look only at the pictures, or read the text too, as you flip through the pages of your tour booklet. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to visit the historic Denver Mountain Parks in person to see many of the same sights today.      See also Introduction to Scenic Circles.

Tour Index:      |   Page 1   |   Page 2   |   Page 3   |   Page 4   |   Page 5
   |   Page 6   |   Page 7   |   Page 8   |   Page 9   |   Page 10   |   Page 11   |   Page 12

Tour Booklet Cover

tour booklet

Title Page

title page

Next page

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